Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Results from the latest ISEP

The results obtained by the latest International Student Evaluation Program, made public by the Oragnisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, showed disastrous results for Brazil and its future generations. According to these last results, among 56 countries researched, Brazilian students are in the 53rd position, the worst in Latin America. Brazilian students scored badly in Maths, Science and, what’s worst of all, in reading ability.

Of course, results from investment in education take a long time to show, but if we don’t start changing this situation now, the future of Brazil will be tragic in terms of economic growth and, most importantly, in terms of human growth.

Could e-Learning help change this situation? I definitely think so. Reaching and preparing teachers in remote areas. Allowing for more reading opportunities for both teachers and students. Promoting discussion and reflection through virtual communities. Fostering the creation of knowledge in and outside the formal school system. How long will Brazilian youth be deprived of the education opportunities they need? Will we be forever doomed to be 3rd class citizens of the world?

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